About us

Our company

Tea Guys has been creating small batch expertly crafted whole leaf loose teas since 2002.

Our tea blends are crafted in small batches daily using only the finest local and artisanal ingredients. We offer:

  • Bulk whole leaf loose tea
  • Full leaf pyramid tea bags
  • Iced tea bags
  • Single serve tea k-cups
  • Freshly brewed tea concentrates

Our Mission

Our mission is to create culinary inspired tea-based beverages with the best, freshest ingredients. Offering tea blends that truly taste like no other tea.


I have loved Tea Guys for several years, and the chais are my favorite. This is my daily tea and the whole spices and rich flavor bring a wonderful iintensity to this cup. This is only one of the few Vanilla Chais on the market that do not taste bitter or artificial. It is strong yet smooth.

Steven P.

I have been trying to replace my morning coffee with the healthier option of tea and just could not find a replacement. Spent much $$$ at Teavana and could not find anything that would satisfy until I found Teaguys. The toffee chocolate hazelnut is the first tea I tried is absolutely perfect and at a good price!!! If you like hazelnut coffee, you will love this!!!!

Lisa O.